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The Coaches’ 10 Great Expectations

10. Respect The Clock

Everyone's time is valuable. Show up promptly.
Be ready to start practice

9. Don't be a Rude Dog

This is a pet peeve. If you schedule
an appointment for a private lesson – show up.
(Please refer to Great Expectation #10.)

8. Standards: Set, Raise, Repeat

Have clear goals in mind and discuss them with
the coaches, and work hard to reach them.
Once done repeat.

7. Do Ask and Do Tell

Give feedback to your coach. 
Call, email, text, etc. split times from all workouts.
We need to track your progress (or lack of) and make
modifications as necessary for you to succeed.

6. Save the Drama For Your Mama

No whining. Ask questions but don’t complain
because you think things are too hard.
Yeah it was a good idea at the time, right?

5. Take Advantage of Quality Alone Time

Do your homework (weekly workouts) before
we meet as a group.  Triathlon and open water
swimming are individual sports and you have
to be able to motivate yourself too.

4. Be a Sore Winner

Expect to hurt, feel the "good pain", be sore,
be tired, have self doubt and maybe even cry a bit. 
All athletes go through this – EVERYONE.

3. Get Real

If you think things are unreasonable,
you may need to revisit your goals.

2. Enjoy Wetting Yourself

Relax and have fun in the water.

1. If You Can Tuna Fish

Then ANYONE can learn to swim faster!!!